I've said it a million times at the last few shows, but I just want to thank everyone for an amazing 2010. We got to do so many cool things this past year and it all boils down to the fact that we have people that support us and validate what we do.  We were looking at touring in the spring but that's looking less and less likely. Logistically it won't work at this point. We will definitely be hopping on a couple dates on the east coast with other bands, a headlining show in NYC, as well as a few California dates in July.  I personally have been having progressively more and more fun at shows. There's a new fire. Will, John and Matt are just so pro anymore. Not sure how I deserve to be surrounded by musicians like them, but I'm not taking it for granted. And y'all are kicking our asses as usual.  The originals are the main focus for us in 2011! So here's to you!!! Happy New Year!!! Thank you!!! Be safe!!! Rick

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