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Listen/Love Songs

This is Our Night I had the opening riff for this song for a long time but I constantly struggled with the chorus. John and I were in the studio a couple months before the rest of the guys trying to tie up some loose ends on some of the songs. After one of the sessions I just decided to scrap the song. That night I gave it one more try and came up with the chorus we have now. Making the chorus "half time" didn't come to me until I tried everything else. The bridge section of the song where John sings is actually a part of a song he wrote that worked well in this song.  Count on Me  I wrote this song right after the "Stranger in the Alps" sessions. John came up with the musical bridge section which is a lot of fun for us to play.  I think this is some Will's best stuff on bass. He came up with a really awesome groove that essentially makes the song. Kester's reverse drum fill intro is really cool. The lyrics of the song are very "tongue-in-cheek". Basically me being a sarcastic asshole, but I hope people get it.  Made You Look This song went through so many different variations during writing. It was the first song that the rest of us sat down and worked out with Kester. John suggested throwing in a 6/8 time signature for the bridge, which we all loved. It's a great section with stellar musical chops from Will and Kester. The rhythm section shines big there. And John has a great solo when we break out of it. It's one of my favorite tunes on the album. I wrote the lyrics pretty quickly laying in bed one night. Sometimes a song is painful to finish, this one was easy.  Hard to Believe This song was a last minute addition to the album. We showed up at the studio on the last day of pre-production and Kester said he thinks we need one more "poppy" song. I wrote the chorus and verse riffs for "Hard to Believe" the night before but didn't plan on showing anyone yet. Since he said that, I showed the guys and we got the overall structure of the song very quick. That night I took the recording of what we did home and wrote the words over it. I love how this songs came together. I think it's got a cool story buried in a dancing pop song.  Same Old Love Song This song was one of the easiest to put together. It's very standard stuff, but that's how this song needs to be. I'm not the biggest fan of myself most of the time and sometimes stress over lyrics and cringe at what I wrote, but this song I was happy with.  It's a smooth little tune. I hope people like this one.  Hero Right after 9/11, I kept thinking about how fucked up shit is going to be now. I'm not a "We should go to war" or a "We shouldn't go to war" preachy person. I'm more of a "I have no idea what we should do" guy. This song (to me) was basically just that. I'm confused about where I stand and would rather some hero come and make it all better. John plays some great piano on this tune. Eric and Ian Ritter wrote the lyrics for the bridge section. I wanted someone to help me finish it and they stepped up.  Blue Eyed Boy Tiny little love song that probably wouldn't have been on the album if people didn't respond so positively to it whenever we did it live.  We ultimately decided I should just do the song by myself cause it suits the song better. It's a song that focuses on the lyrics so adding more instruments would only take away from that. The recording is really raw and came out exactly how I imagined. I did the vocals in one take because we felt even if there were little mistakes, it would add to the song's character.  Miss U John showed me the chorus to this song and I was like "dude, you gotta finish it so we can put it on the record". So he did and it came out great. It's such a strong tune and it adds variety to the record. Kester's drums on the this track are killer. We decided I would sing it to keep the album consistent, although if you listen close, John is singing through a megaphone style effect throughout the whole song.  Go Away I wrote the music for this song a long time ago but could never get the lyrics right. I had no idea what I wanted the song to be about. We actually recorded this song in full before I even had one word for it. I had Eric burn me the music and I listened to it in my car for weeks. I would write tons of stuff, realize it sucked, and start over. I don't usually dig into my anger side for lyrics, but when I did, the song wrote itself. Really happy with this one. Definitely our heaviest song. Kester has a heavy load in this song.  Tons of drums going on. John whispers "fuck off" in the song. If anyone can find it, I'll give them a buffalo nickel.  Never Get Old Will Clauss makes his vocal debut on a NS record here. The gang vocals on the last chorus are 2 of John, 1 of Will and 2 of me. John uses some crazy guitar affects in this tune. The song works well where it stands on the album. It's a song that doesn't need a whole lot. Pretty sure it's the shortest song on the record at like two and a half minutes.  Now and Then I've been slowly wanting to redo songs from "Look Up and Jam" because I love a lot of them but loath the recordings we have of them. We were set to redo "Hello" but John came in the studio one day and said he was listening to "Look Up and Jam" the night before and said he couldn't get "Now and Then" out of his head. He actually said he was walking around his apartment jokingly singing "Have an M&M" instead of "Every now and then". We decided to redo it then. Added a 15/8 time signature change. Will has more great bass stuff in the song too. So glad we redid this song. I look foward to redoing all them hopefully.  Well there ya go. My take on all the tunes. More stuff to come. Don't forget, November 10th at The Scranton Hardware Bar is the Listen/Love release party with opening act, Blinded Passenger and tons of local music hero special guests. Doors at 8pm! Rick

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