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New Tunes!!!

So I'm not exactly sure where all this is going to end up right now, but I'm really pumped about what we have so far. I have about 18 or 19 song ideas on my iPhone recording app and we have about 3 of those songs that are well on their way to being complete. In the past we've always took the "let's try to keep as much of the songs a secret as possible" approach, but I want throw that out the window. Well actually, I'm notorious for being the "leaker" anyway. I remember while John Mayer was recording Battle Studies, he would post videos to show his song ideas and how they were progressing and I thought it was pretty cool to see them develop. So I'd like to do just that. I'm going post snip-its of new tunes and hopefully get some feedback while we are developing them. For some reason, we always end up tracking our albums in the winter time. I'd like to try and track these in the spring when we are naturally in better moods. I'd also love to have some recorded before the NYC show. Maybe give an EP out to the people who come, who knows. It's an amazing feeling to have Listen/Love out, which we still love and are having a blast seeing the songs grow live, and now be able to say let's take it to the next level. I've been experimenting with different guitar tunings, and although it's like learning to play guitar all over again, it's really sparked a whole lot of ideas for me. For any guitar players, drop your strings down to BEBEbe and it will open up a whole new world. Anyway, I'm just really excited about the tunes and there will be some previews up shortly or probably just on my twitter account.

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