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Well Listen/Love is finally out and I want to thank you all for the feedback. I'm not sure if there is anything more nerve racking for me then waiting to see if people like an album or not. But people keep asking, now what? Well I'll tell you. The album is being passed around with certain contacts we have in California and New York. We basically need to wait to hear what they have to say and what that means for us. We also have press kits being sent out to managers and entertainment lawyers. We've also sent copies to certain national acts we've played with too. We will hopefully be hopping on a few dates with them. Truth be told, I don't really get involved with that stuff because there are people around me that do it way better.(Will Clauss, Eric Ritter, Matt Morgis, Joe Geda and more). We are getting some amazing support for this album. I don't think I would have thought we would be getting so many calls for interviews and reviews. Is it going to be another 3 years for another album now? No it will not. It didn't take us 3 years to make Listen/Love, I just felt like we weren't ready to record it any sooner than we did. I realize we are just a local Scranton band, but I still think the music should be taken as seriously as possible, otherwise, why the fuck would we do it? That being said, obviously another record is still a ways off. I'm going to be toying around in the studio in the next couple weeks with some new tunes because I have a head full of ideas right now that I need to get out. You'll hear some new songs sneak into the acoustic shows like Talk All Night and eventually with the band. Our producer, Eric Ritter, suggested us getting back in soon and doing a digital EP. I like the idea and hopefully it will happen that way. I think it would be cool to not release full albums anymore, just release songs as we write them. I don't know, just a thought. I also want to get in and record a few acoustic covers and just give them out. One last thing. MUSIC VIDEOS!!! We are shooting a Weekender Session this Wednesday in the studio. Basically we are playing a bunch of Listen/Love tunes in a stripped down kind of way. We are also shooting a music video for "Made You Look" that night. It's going to be a simple studio video (no red flames and cheesy smiles, well maybe cheesy smiles, but no red flames. And a lot more tongue!) Then in January we are shooting a full fledge, all out video with Studio D for "Go Away", which I'm really pumped for, we got some crazy ideas. And thats that.

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