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Contact: Nowhere Slow might be the name of the band, but it is in no way an indication of the direction in which the group is heading. No, this is a band that is going somewhere fast, having already experienced success and now primed to take the music to a bigger and broader audience. With its new album “Listen/Love,” Nowhere Slow is entering the most exciting part of its career. The week the album became available to fans, the band drew 300 people -- on a Wednesday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania -- to its CD release show and did that without the assistance of traditional promotion or management; many acts backed by major record labels struggle to play to audiences that large today. Also that week, the Weekender, Northeastern Pennsylvania’s most widely read publication, shared with its more than 145,000 readers a review that praised “Listen/Love” as “a strong piece of original music that should not be ignored.” “Listen/Love” is chock full of radio-friendly songs, such as “Made You Look” and “Hard to Believe,” with Rick Gillette’s distinctive and harmonious vocals blending gorgeously with John Canjar’s sophisticated and unpredictable yet mainstream-friendly lead guitars. Bassist Will Clauss and drummer Matt Kester hold it all together in a rhythm section that provides a rock-steady foundation for Gillette and Canjar’s melodies. The sonically pristine album was expertly produced by Eric Ritter and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studio in London. The recent achievements of Nowhere Slow have come as no surprise to fans and music industry types who have been paying close attention to the band for several years as it has become a popular act on the club circuit and beyond. The band earned a coveted side stage slot at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain -- an 18,000-seat venue -- not once but twice, playing there before a John Mayer/Train show as well as a James Taylor concert. The band has also been tabbed to share stages on separate occasions with popular nationally touring acts Cartel, Quietdrive and A Change of Pace and has earned radio spins on 102.3 FM The Mountain, a commercial rock station in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The numbers, the positive press and the associations with famous bands are all important and should not be taken lightly, but there’s a more pure and simple way to consider the album, and that is by considering its title, “Listen/Love,” because whoever listens is likely to love it.

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