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Frequently Asked Questions Why don't you play more originals? In a perfect world, that's all we would play. But the fact of the matter is, most clubs are hiring bands to play covers. You'll notice we play more originals at the end of the night, because I feel like only real fans of us stick around that long. You can literally drive an entire dance floor away with one song, which makes the setlist a nerve racking thing. Next time you're out seeing a band and they play a song that doesn't go over well, watch how quickly the crowd will disburse. We try our best to please everyone. There will be A LOT more all original shows in our future though.  How come I can't buy your first album? Because I hate it and I want it to go away. I don't have a problem with the songs, in fact I love most of them, but the recording is garbage and was done under extremely hard conditions. I was 19 and really didn't know what I was doing and was promised the world by a producer who didn't have the world to give.  It was a reality check and I'm glad it happened, because it prepared me for a lot of other bullshit.  What's your favorite NS album? The next one.  Who is Ditto/Blue Eyed Boy about? None of your business : )  ......any song is about who it is in your life that makes you feel that way. That's the beauty of it. I can get some heat some times for writing songs like those, but the truth of the matter is, love, whether it stings or feels great, is the biggest part of all our lives. So why not sing about it.  What's your favorite original? I really have no idea. I like different ones for different reasons and I hate others for other reasons. I think the one song that's gotten the least love in our existence is "Chameleon". There used to be a guy that would come out every show and ask for that tune, and I would always just say "Dude, you're the only one that likes it". I actually do like it, I think it just needed more work/love (see what i did there) than we gave it. What the hell are you guys talking about onstage between songs? I have no idea why I get this question so much. A lot of time it's a song change. I write the setlist the day of the show, but I always have issues following it because once we are in front of people, you have to play to their reactions. The other half of the time we are just talking about non-sense. Either making fun of each other or something that's going on in the crowd.  Do you guys all get along? For the most part, we get along very well. When we don't get along, it's usually just creative differences that only help the band progress. We aren't all best friends that hang out all the time, but that's mostly because we see so much of each other.  How do you decide which cover songs to play? I've always felt that Nowhere Slow isn't just the four of us. It's a collective entity that includes all the people that come to see us. I try to always keep an open ear to what people are saying they would like to hear. Yes, there are songs all of us probably would be very happy to never play again, but if we just give it all we got, any song is fun to play.  

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